Spanish magician dies during show: ‘At first thought it was a joke’ | a stranger

The magic show of Arsenio Porro (46) turned into a tragedy on Saturday evening. The Spanish artist had a heart attack and collapsed in front of a crowded auditorium in Madrid. He eventually died on arrival at the hospital. Onlookers initially thought his fall was part of the act, causing laughter to be heard.

Arsenio Boro got his big break in 2019 thanks to the Spanish version of the talent show Holland got talent. Then he took fourth place. However, he has been performing for longer. Sala Houdini in Madrid – the European mecca of witchcraft – has been his second home for 25 years. Although he started modestly as a waiter. However, with his creative tricks and verbal talent, he quickly laughed at his side.

The audience did not immediately understand what was happening, as a colleague who worked with him for fifteen years explains. His show is so funny that people laughed at first. “They thought it was another joke,” Jack said.


Two plainclothes officers realized what was really going on and tried to revive the victim on stage. In vain, it will appear later.

“He had chest pains for ten days,” fellow magician Carlos Rubio said. “He did not indulge in excesses. He did not smoke and did not drink. He lived a quiet life.”

Arsenio Borio has enjoyed a great place in the world of magic. So the reports will be answered. He taught himself everything. He was always ready with a smile and lived to make others happy. She is gone now, but the traces she leaves will remain forever.”

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