Sparta returns straight after thunder speech Fraser: ‘I did not use dirty words’ | Eredivisi

Under the watchful eye of new technical director Gerard Nijcombe, Sparta scored a point against Widez on Saturday evening with an injury. Sven Mignons won 2-2.

Apparently resigned, he is in the chair of Henk Fraser after the Sparta-Wittze match. The coach of the Rotterdam club, who is usually the most active coach, won 2-2 in the final seconds of Sven Mignens. Now, as soon as the whistle blows, he celebrates the late draw locally.

Everything has gone wrong at Sparta this season. But often the goalkeeper was Maduka Okoye, who escaped unwell. Saturday evening, he, that excellent goalkeeper, was one of the main culprits for Arnhem’s goals. He goes wrong with Nikolai Baden Frederickson’s 0-1 and the Nigerian international – who later recovered with several good saves – is responsible for Frederickson’s subsequent 0-2. It was marked in the first half by Sparta. If Okoye is already doing something wrong, who should do it for the tortured Rotterdam club?

Answer: Sven Mignance. With two wins, one of the last seconds, the angel he saves on behalf of the Reds / Whites. But could Sparta have enough on the Ertivic at this point?

It looks like Fraser is getting to the finals, having already had a weird week at Head Castle. Last Wednesday, after an already failed trophy match with Vitesse, he said he did not know who would be the successor to Henk von Stein as Sparta’s technical director. On Friday he immediately confronted Gerard Nijcombe. Striking, Fraser was hoping to know who his tech boss would become. This is what the coach who had the best record in Spanking at least last week said.

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The Rotterdam club management hopes that Nijcomb, which has been primarily in the United States for the past few years, will keep the fighting fish swimming back to Sparta. Seen from the stand, he would have seen Saturday evening that there was still a lot to do. At this point some players are tapping into their position. For example, Brian Smeets played dramatically against Vitesse for 45 minutes, Emanuel Emega missed the chance to score the opening goal and Leonard Tay again manifested himself as a striker without confidence.

Fortunately for Sparta there are still missions. In fact, even after his second goal, Fraser remains unchallenged in his chair. The current state of mind of Spongan cannot be explained more aptly.

Later, Fraser explained his approach to what is called thunder talk at intervals. ‘I didn’t use dirty words, but showed my emotions. In the first half we thought we were pretty bad. Fortunately, we still have one point. Thanks also to Sven for his excellent performance. ‘

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