Special care for young people in Kortrijk gets a dedicated space (B2Ai)

The old facility on the Pottelberg site in Kortrijk was quite old: the buildings were institutional, old sanitary facilities and very small rooms. So the old parts were demolished and replaced with new buildings.

Three houses

The residential program is organized into three homes with a capacity of up to 12 places, which include both group housing functions and private rooms. Housing and living take place on this small scale, but functionally and organizationally – invisible to young people and visitors – clustered in a single building with three domes.

The three-story residential building is planted on the street in this way, and also by design and embodiment, “family house on the street”.

Ample outdoor space is provided for the ‘homes’, which can be used privately or shared as an area for play and relaxation. The project is being implemented in a simple but well-thought-out design and embodiment.

Central building

The central building consists of two floors with a shed roof. This building contains all the organizational functions to support the residential function in an apartment building. Specifically, this translates into conference rooms, reception, multi-purpose space, storage room, studio, kitchen, dining hall, office …

Unlike an apartment building, the central building is not designed like a house on the street. Due to its function, this building has a different character and this is not only reflected in a different design language (shed roof), but also by a different embodiment and design. This is because the central building will be deeper in the site, which has many advantages for the whole environment and De Korf.

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This location makes it possible to create an open green space next to Pottelberg. Since this space is adjacent to Pottelberg, this provides relief from the busy street.

The building consists of a ground floor with reception areas, meeting rooms, dining hall, technical services section, a multi-purpose room with kitchen and storage rooms. On the west side, a large balcony will be attached to the multi-purpose space. The entrance to the building targets the open space in Pottelberg. Office spaces are provided on the first floor. These office spaces become an open work platform under a shed roof.

A patio space will be provided in the middle of the building to allow adequate daylight into the building. This makes the circulation space open and wide.

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