Special magazine by Miljuschka Witzenhausen: The dream comes true ‘| Turns out

Miljuschka Witzenhausen will be making a magazine. He said that to the 35-year-old TV chef tonight RTL Boulevard. In the only edition, Miljuschka shares secrets about cheesecakes, tells how to teach kids to eat right and reveals simple recipes for preparing a quick and delicious meal after a busy day.

“It’s always been my dream,” said Miljuschka on Showbiz. It was not clear yet the volume of trading. People wanting to receive the magazine can register next month Through their website.

After February 15 only you determine how many sheets you will actually print. In the advertisement on her website, she said about this: ‘I do whatever it takes. It seemed like a responsible choice. The result is that I have to receive all orders before February 15th so the magazine can be on the doormat at the end of March. There will also be no second edition.

Miljuschka, in addition to introducing the face of the Weight Watchers diet program, finds sharing recipes “ a party, ” she says on her online platform. I found making her own journal very exciting. “ I’m having the same tension with a cookbook, but I was there in a familiar territory: Now we’re really working with multiple themes as well as personal stories and unique photography. But the basis was and will remain … the food.

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She confirms that she is totally funding the project herself.

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