Spectacular heist: German money transfer company employee escapes with 8 million euros | abroad

German police are searching with all their might for Yasmin Gundogan (28), an employee of a money transfer company that received 8 million euros. And a truly remarkable robbery took place on May 21 near Bremen. Since there is no trace of the woman yet, public assistance is now called in.

Gündogan’s job was to place the banknotes in the cash chests provided for this purpose. A cash transporter truck driver is transporting valuable contents to different ATMs in the area.

But this time, it will be different. Gundogan stuffed 8 million euros into different bags and then used a wheeled trash can to take out the loot.

ready to master

The theft was planned down to the last detail. The truck that Gundogan used to get away was found rented and had fake number plates. Then she meticulously put the car back in as if nothing had happened.

Her employer, Loomis, was told that she suddenly fell ill and had to go home early. Thus, the woman did not raise any doubt. The result: several days passed before the theft was discovered.


For now, the path leads to a seedy shisha bar near the Bremen station. Gundogan himself has been working there since 2014. It is regularly visited by famous guests, such as former goalkeeper Tim Wiese and actor Mustafa Allen – who are known from the German version of the soap. Good times bad times. However, the owners of the establishment are said to be part of a criminal family.

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Gundogan always appeared in public with makeup. © RV

Investigators are now wondering whether Gundogan was involved in designing the plans with them or if he was forced to do the job for them. It is suspected that the woman fled abroad in the meantime. Turkey is at the top of the list because its roots are there. A potential companion of the fugitive has been arrested.

“never without makeup”

Jasmine has always felt festive and attached great importance to her appearance. “I’ve never seen her without make-up,” one of her friends told the German newspaper. picture. “We all thought she wasn’t that smart, but with this strategy, she’s proven otherwise,” adds a former classmate.

Gundogan grew up in a problem area in Bremen. She lives with her younger sister and mother, who earns a living as a bus driver. to me picture It was her father who led her to Loomis. He worked there as a driver.

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