Spinvis receives the Lennart Nijgh Award for Best Lyricist | music

Eric de Jong, better known as Spinface, will receive the Lennart Negy Prize this year. The singer-songwriter will be honored as a lyricist at the Puma Awards on Monday night.

De Jong debuted in 2002 with the album spider fish And in 2004, she won the Silver Harp Award as a rising talent. In the same year he wrote before I forget By Lynette van Dongen.

In addition, De Jong has achieved success as a singer himself with songs like luggage carrier And I just want to swim. His latest album was released last month, Be-Bop-A-Lula.

“Lyrical, poetic, visual, layered, personal, autobiographical; it all goes for Spinvis Lyrics,” says Bernard Kobis, CEO of copyright organization BumaStemra. “Every album is another lyrical journey of discovery. Anyone who has been able to achieve this for over twenty years truly deserves the Lennaert Nijgh Award”.

The director of Buma Culture is also enthusiastic about the De Jong Award. “With his use of language, Spinvis is able to create a world with words that are both recognizable and enigmatic. He plays with words and sentences, aiming to take the listener on a wonderful journey.”

The Lennart Nijgh Award will be presented on Monday evening at the Buma Awards. It was previously announced that DJ Paul Elstak and singer Herman van Veen were awarded the oeuvre.

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