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Paratriatlet Platt’s sixth world title

10.03 am: Paratriathlete Jetze Plat became world champion for the sixth time in his glorious career in Abu Dhabi. Kirt Shipper finished second after the flat.

The 30-year-old Flat has not been beaten as a paratrooper since becoming the first world champion in 2015. He became the Paralympic champion in Tokyo last summer and he was in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

Behind the Dutch, Austrian Florian Brungraber took third place.

Basketball players are in the lead after the ‘Sixers’ beat the pistons in the NBA

8.41 am: The Philadelphia 76ers beat the Detroit Pistons 109-98 in the eastern division of the US NBA. The Pistons were still leading 66-63 in the first half of the game, but the ‘Sixers’ found the best target for the basket in the second half. Seth Curry topped the list with 23 points, while star Joel Empide scored 19 points.

The Utah Jazz confirmed its presence in the Western Division with a clear 116-98 win over the Atlanta Hawks. Especially in the fourth quarter, Jazz was on a roll and completely outscored his own team. Jordan Clarkson scored 30 points and Bojan Boktanovic 23 points.

The Los Angeles Lakers lost 107-104 to Oklahoma City Thunder without injured star player LeBron James. James has a stomach injury and is expected to be out for at least a week. He watched with sadness from the side as his team exited with a 19-point lead. Shay Kilgius-Alexander is Thunder’s highest scorer with 28 points. Anthony Davis scored 29 for the Lakers.

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Australia postpones first cricket match against Afghanistan

8.22 am: Australia postpones first cricket match against Afghanistan It was held in protest of the Taliban regime banning women from participating in sports. The so-called test was scheduled to take place this month in Hobart.

The Cricket Association of Australia has issued a statement saying it wants to promote the sport for both men and women in Afghanistan and around the world. “Given the current uncertainty, we felt it was necessary to postpone the Test match until the situation was clear.”

Many Australian cricketers have already stated that they will not play if Afghanistan enforces a ban on women’s cricket.

Afghanistan has threatened an international ban if it does not allow the women’s team to take part in the World Cup in New Zealand.

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