Sportpark Elsenburg will be a multi-functional sports park

The decision was made. City Council decided that Sportpark Elsenburg will be completely renovated and developed into a high-quality, multi-functional sports park. In its current state, the sports park no longer meets the requirements of the times. The population of Rijswijk has increased in recent years, particularly in the RijswijkBuiten area. This has resulted in a shortage of space in sports clubs.

Available for all sports
The Rijswijksche Hockey Club (RHC), the Rijswijkse Cycling Association De Spartaan, and the Bicycle Cross Club Rijswijk are all in the park. The redevelopment plans led to a new layout design for the park, with enough space for all sports. In this design, there is space for an additional hockey field and expansion of hockey fields with a permanent water-based field, good lighting installation for bicycle path, full mountain bike and cyclo cross track, a full-cycle cross-country track and expanding parking space.

Multifunctional sports park
In addition, possibilities are being explored for building multifunctional accommodations in the park, which, in addition to sports clubs, other enterprises can also use. This can include childcare and meeting areas in the neighborhood.

A big step for sport
Theo Groen, on behalf of the Rijswijkse Cycling Association De Spartaan: “With the redesign of Elsenburg Sports Park, we have the opportunity to take a big step up for sport in Rijswijk. There is now a well-thought-out plan that can jointly satisfy all involved in which all interests and desires are taken into account equally. This is not only important for the participating sports clubs, but certainly also for current and future residents of Rijswijk. ” Quinn Kamenada from Rijswijkse Hockeyclub is also happy with the development: “Since 2013, our hockey league has argued in a fourth field, but we were very fortunate that we still could not fulfill our plans. The plan is now much more comprehensive and ambitious than it was at the time.”

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Make excellent sport possible
Alfred Rox, on behalf of the Rijswijk Bike Cross Club: “For us, the step to Elsenburg is a step to the highest level of BMX sport in the Netherlands. Due to the limitations in our current field, we have had to abandon ambitions and therefore we are grateful that this step has become possible and that we can Returning to our level of ambition.A track is being developed where the best riders can train optimally and at the same time young people from the neighborhood can sample the popular BMX sport in an accessible way.With RHC and De Spartaan, we have found athletic partners with whom we want to enhance the fun of sport and make the sport Excellent is possible. “

A complete sports complex
Alderman for Sports Björn Lugthart: “We can now really start making Elsenburg Sports Park a beautiful, integrated and futuristic sports complex! I am so proud of the fact that we came up with this plan with all parties, which is supported by everyone and that leaves enough space for everyone to practice their sport optimally. With which we also offer the possibility to give the site a multifunctional character, with space for facilities for surrounding neighborhoods. As the fastest growing city in the Netherlands, Rijswijk deserves it!

Summer 2021
The sports complex will be redesigned in the summer months of 2021. Completion is expected in December 2021.

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