Sports federations take action on Mallefield

Hanan El Yaqoubi, Director of FNV Sport: “Sports federations in the Netherlands are indispensable from a social point of view, but certainly also for health. This is the time for everyone who is active in a sports club to make their voice heard.


On Monday, the House of Representatives will discuss the sports budget. Sports Minister Helder has marginalized sports clubs. We are worried about the imminent demolition of the sports clubs. The six million euros promised by the minister for support is very little,’ says Yacoubi.

Unpaid bills

Sports clubs face unprecedented energy bills and insufficient resources to pay staff salaries. At the same time, they are dealing with a declining youth population, because their parents can no longer afford membership. The sports sector is slowly deteriorating and this is a loss for the whole Netherlands.

No minister’s answer

The FNV, together with other organizations, sent an urgent letter to Minister Helder in September, to which no response has yet been received. Al-Yaqoubi: In this letter, we asked the minister to take swift action. Sports clubs are forced to take drastic measures, including cutting staff costs. As a result, the employee turnover rate in this sector is high. This increases the workload of the people who are left behind and it is also a reason for them to leave the sector. Help is needed and we need it now.

Cao sports federations under pressure

Minister Helder recently said in the media that the Declaration of Conduct (VOG) is mandatory for coaches and administrators in the world of recreational and amateur sports. This is to prevent violations. “The intended sports culture that the minister wants to achieve is already being achieved with the help of the collective labor agreement of the sports associations,” says Al-Yaqoubi. sports culture. Coaches are facilitated by sports federations to apply for the VOG. But due to the lack of resources, this collective labor agreement is under great pressure, and with it the sports culture that the minister envisages.

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