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Orange did not start well in the World Cup qualifiers, but was able to recover a bit in the second match. Max Verstappen started well with “center stage” in his Grand Prix in Bahrain. But Limburger failed in the final segment and saw world champion Lewis Hamilton win again. It was the most important component of Sports Week, which also focused on human rights.

The Netherlands had to deal with a big hit in the first qualifying match. Turkey was too strong for the Istanbul buff, 4-2. At the Sports Forum, football journalists Kees Jansma and Frank Snoeks agreed on one thing: The defense was weak and the attack missed Wout Weghorst. According to Jansma, there was no question of rehabilitation in the victory over Latvia. “They were diligent, the Dutch players, they were energetic, they created 35 chances to score, but here too we have to say that the opponent from the third division is the Dutch league and they have one chance too.”

The Dutch national team should qualify for next year’s World Cup in Qatar. The golf state has a bad reputation when it comes to human rights, and this mainly affects guest workers who work on building football stadiums. To focus on this, Norwegian and German football players came to a statement last week. Before the match with Latvia, the Dutch followed the internationals. But that wasn’t a huge success, according to Jansma and Snoeks. “I saw those black shirts, but at first I couldn’t really see what it was on. It was too ambitious for me, and I didn’t understand exactly what was meant by this.”

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The first Formula 1 race of the season was in Bahrain and was won by Lewis Hamilton. British Max Verstappen was surprised at the last stage. It was an exciting race with everyone on the edge of their seat. Red Bull, Team Verstappen, was previously favorite. According to racing driver Jeroen Blemlin, this is not surprising. “They are cars that have been further developed, so they already know a lot about those cars from last year. The Red Bull is more predictable and that gives you confidence and that is very important. Once you feel good in the car, go louder immediately.”

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