May 25, 2024


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Sports Overview: Feyenoord wins first women’s world title. ZPB wins the water polo derby

Samantha van Diemen aan de bal namens Feyenoord Vrouwen

Van Diemen came from Ajax last summer. She is a central defender and has a constant value in the Feyenoord Women, who, like Excelsior, did not play in the Eredivisie Women’s League this week.

The one who also works with the Dutch national team is Kelly Duelfer. Handball player Schiedam is a constant value in the Orange team and is allowed to go to the World Cup in Spain with that team in December. Holland will defend the world title there.

ZPB is the strongest in a regional meeting

In Barendrecht, ZPB won the SVH derby in water polo in the Eredivisie Eredivisie on Saturday. ZPB proved much stronger than Rotterdam from the start and eventually won 10-4. With this, the Barendrecht water polo men are three points behind SVH, which is in 13th place. ZPB is the 12th in the competition.

Watch interviews with Maurice Dentreau (ZPB) and Rick Vermeulen (SVH) after the derby below. The text continues below the video:

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Burning twice is better

There is no size on Lucinda Brand. The Rotterdam rider was the best on Saturday in the X2O cyclo-Cross in Kortrijk, Belgium, with a time of 47:49 minutes. Thus, she won this race for the third year in a row. Celine del Carmen Alvarado of Rotterdam was second, seven seconds behind Brand. However, in the X20 Cup mode, the brand is not at the top. Denis Betsima drives there. Brand chasing her at 1:33 min.

On Sunday, the Rotterdam contestant wrote another victory to her name. The brand won the World Cup in Besançon, France. She is at the top of the World Cup standings with 252 points after half of the 16 matches.

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Other results

Handball (Men’s Premier League): Feyenoord Handball – Hellas (21-27)

Korfball League, Group A: AKC Blue White – KCC (21-20)

Corval (Corval League, Group B): Arnhem East – PKC (20-31)

Rugby (Men’s Honors): RC The Bassets – The Hookers (11-21)

Short track speed skating: Dordrecht hosted the last World Cup race of the season

Table Tennis (Men’s Premier League Playoffs): Smash ’70 – TOGB (4-1)

Volleyball (Men’s Premier League): Sun & Sand Sports – Slydrecht Sport (2-3)

Volleyball (Women’s Premier League): VCN – Sliedrecht Sport (1-3)

Futsal (Men’s Premier League): Feyenoord Futsal – FC Marlin (4-8)