Sports publisher Vergamman Nord-Beveland wants new ‘yellow newspaper’: ‘Church newspaper not real newspaper’

Verkamman, originally the national publisher of books and publications about games, thinks it is crazy that the current free local paper has become the ‘Church Paper’ and ignores the wider cultural field and social life in the Nord.

The weekly has been discredited due to a reform study traveled by the Trainews publisher in Jersey since the beginning of this year. The latter picked up the newspaper from the National Purscroup and ignored the events that took place on Sundays. For that reason, the North-Beveland Municipality canceled its collaboration with the newspaper earlier this week to publish municipal news.

If it was up to Verkamman, it would be a completely new newspaper. Verkhamman did not want to make these himself; In doing so, he seeks collaboration with De Bot, the leading publisher of various free local documents in the Zealand and West Braband. Part of the profits will go to a foundation that has not yet been set up, in which the North Bowland business community and cultural institutions are represented. “This way the money goes back to the community and it really becomes a newspaper from all of us.”

Conversation with the municipality

Important note: There will already be a meeting with de Bodeau at the town hall in Wissenkerge on Thursday – says Verkman. The deal is said to have been made after the weekend, before the council broke with Trainees on Tuesday. Verkamman believes that the ‘real yellow newspaper’, as the future newspaper calls it, can count on municipal advertisements. “Otherwise it’s very difficult to turn it into a profit.”

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It is not yet certain because this year municipalities will not have to publish information pages in printed form. You can even do this online on your own municipal website. However, Verkhamman hopes to keep the Nord-Beaveland tradition alive.


In Capelle, where De Sheldepost appears, Traineus is in danger of losing the municipality as a publicist. For now, Vergaman has no plans for this municipality. “Alderman Herschelmann already called me. His father founded de Sheldepost at the time,” says the sports publisher. “But first let’s see how it goes here in the Northeast.”

This is the message of the Regional Committee de Bevelandon

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