Sports umbrella NOCNSF supports the Dutch Boxing Association’s World Cup boycott

Umar Karimlev (right), the controversial president of the International Amateur Boxing Association (IBA).Photo by Valery Shrivalin / TASS

The International Amateur Boxing Federation IBA, led by Russia’s Umar Karimlev and sponsored by the Russian state-owned company Gazprom, decided in October last year to allow Russian and Belarusian boxers under their flag in tournaments organized by the IBA, such as the World Championships. cup. If they win a gold medal, their national anthems will be played.

And the NBB considers this a “flagrant violation” of what the International Olympic Committee urgently advised sports federations around the world, after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine a year ago with the support of Belarus. As far as the IOC is concerned, athletes from Russia and Belarus are no longer welcome at international sporting events, at most only under a neutral flag.

No boxers for India

On Sunday, the Dutch Boxing Association decided not to send athletes to India, following the example of the United States, Great Britain, Ireland and Canada. The men’s boxing world championship, which will be held in early May in the Uzbek capital, Tashkent, is likely to remain without participation from those countries. Unless the event is excluded and reversed IBA “flag and national anthem decision”.

The National Bank of Bahrain urged its main financial partner, NOCNSF, to support the boycott. This came in a letter on Tuesday to the president of the Boxing Federation, Boris van der Voorst. The national umbrella organization for sports uses the Women’s Boxing World Cup to create a generally accepted position on the participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes in sporting events.

NOCNSF opposes the participation of Dutch athletes or federations in competitions in which Russian and/or Belarusian athletes participate under the flag of their country. But also: ‘NOCNSF supports Dutch athletes if they participate in boxing events where athletes from Russia and Belarus are present under a neutral flag. This also applies to events organized by the IBA.

Mismanagement and corruption

The latest addition is spicy, because the IOC, followed by NOCNSF, has already banned the IBF after chronic mismanagement and corruption. However, the IBA was responsible for regulating boxing at the Olympics, which led to the sport being omitted from the program of the 2028 Games. The IOC threatens to do the same at the next Games in Paris next year.

Earlier this month, NOCNSF said it was disappointing that the House of Representatives and the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport categorically opposed Russia and Belarus participating in Paris, even under a neutral flag. The Netherlands is one of 36 Western countries that want Russian athletes to stay away from the Games. NOCNSF calls on the contrary to await an investigation by the IOC into the prospects for impartial participation.

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