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Hartle is very popular this year in March. The trivia game involves listening to the beginning of a song for a few seconds and then guessing which song it is.

You can search for the number using the search engine. Hurdle, like Wordlay, lets you tweet your results in the form of black and green blocks.

Even Spotify was quick to get involved — the company already tweeted about the game on March 7. A step Blog In the company, millions of people continue to play the game.

Only for certain countries

“We see Hartle as a trivia game: a way to discover music,” writes the audio streaming site. Spotify hopes that perhaps this way will encourage users to listen to more music. The company itself writes that it wants to offer “more interactivity” on Spotify.

Heardle is currently available worldwide. However, Spotify says it will roll out the game to users in the US, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand starting today, and later to “millions of people around the world.” Online, some users outside these countries are reporting that they can no longer access the app.

Spotify says it plans to further integrate gaming into its app to “give music lovers a deeper connection with artists.”

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