Spotify ‘Netflix Hub’ opens with official audio and podcasts

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Want to re-listen to music from your favorite Netflix series? Soon you’ll find the soundtrack in the Netflix Hub in Spotify.

Spotify and Netflix join forces. with a blog Spotify announces the arrival of the Netflix Hub. The soundtracks of famous movies or playlists associated with a popular series have long since disappeared on Spotify; For example, there are already about 22,500 playlists about the hit Squid Game on Netflix. With a dedicated hub, Spotify wants to make it easy for users to listen to and download the official music of their favorite titles.

Spotify’s Netflix Hub is already open to free and paid users in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. We can also take a look at what the hub page has to offer via the web version of Spotify.

Spotify Netflix Hub: soundtracks, podcasts, and more

You’ll find a variety of content, from playlists that collect music from the series to the official soundtrack. This is for series and movies like Stranger Things, La Casa De Papel, Narcos: Mexico, Outer Banks, Squid Game, Tic, Tic…Boom! Bridgerton, Cowboy Bebop, Virgin River in a on my block. For the recently released western movie The hardest they fell You can even get a behind-the-scenes look at the way music is created. Rapper Jay-Z produced the film’s soundtrack. also before the end Stealing money There are some extras in the Netflix Hub. Spotify will be adding a lot more content in the coming months as the content offering on Netflix continues to expand.

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Netflix Center

Of course podcasts also shouldn’t be missing, now that Spotify has launched podcast subscriptions all over the world. The podcast is of course also about Netflix and its more popular titles. There are podcasts that generally discuss the Netflix video library and might give you some good watching tips, but also podcasts that focus on one specific title like the crown.

Curious about the Netflix Hub? through this link you taste.

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