Spring is coming: high temperatures and sunny weather forecast for March | the interior

Say goodbye to winter, because March is going to be a true spring month! Weerplaza predicts many sunny days with high temperatures and little rain next month due to a large number of high pressure areas.

“If current calculations come true, March 2022 will be fairly dry, sunny and temperate,” said weather scientist Alfred Snook. Weather Plaza† According to the current weather forecast, March will be dominated by a number of high pressure areas that follow each other in short periods of time. ,,, They do not reach a dead end, but in turn are moving very quickly towards the east. So we owe the stable weather that awaits us in the coming days mainly to the constant monitoring of new high pressure areas,” explains Snoek.

This means the end of winter, says Snoek: “With distant rain disturbances and thus good sun penetration, the mercury can rise significantly during the day. This week, deviations of two or three degrees above normal in our country are expected.” Spring now really begins with sunny, regularly moderate days with a temperature of around 15 degrees.

However, Snoek has a comment on the predictions. Last winter, there were also strong indications that it was going to be very cold, but that clearly did not materialize. “This winter has shown that these kinds of seasonal forecasts are still in their infancy, and this winter has proven once again that even forecasts for the next 30 days are not always reliable.” So a sunny March is a good possibility, but by no means a certainty.

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Crocuses and daffodils are already above the ground and that means one thing: Spring is coming:

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