Staffana Pullman Training Camp in Orange after a serious injury | sport

The Dutch team will soon start preparing for the Olympic Games in Tokyo with a training camp and two exhibition matches in their country.

Pullman suffered a serious knee injury in August of last year. Without the Pullman, the orange finished sixth in the European Championships last December. You rejoin the group of players for the first time. The best player of the 2019 World Cup will be medically tested. According to the Dutch Association, there is no chance that the rehabilitation process will allow you to participate in a fight.

From the moment she tore the cruciate ligament in her right knee, Pullman was immediately on her way to treatment. “No, it doesn’t have to be as soon as possible. That’s how I thought about it five years ago, but the position now is that it has to be good.” Pullman said at the beginning of December of last year. The Telegraph.

Then Pullman also declared her children the driving force for her comeback. “They are the greatest stimuli I can wish for. That little girl kept yelling, ‘Mom, take your legs. That’s what I meant by using my cane when I still needed it, really cool. In moments like these, I realized I must be able to’ Walk as fast as the children can. This was my first goal and this is how you create new goals every time. “

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