Star player Ace for RTL provides a “too expensive broadcast” of the contest: “Just Call Peter van der Furst” | show

I know everything about herNearly 860,000 viewers last night watched how star player Ace caused presenter Robin Nikolai to disbelieve by winning first prize in the RTL 4 competition. I know everything about her. Despite the multiple bets, the quiet candidate played a clear final and took money from all the other participants. ‘I should call Peter van der Forest,’ said Nikolai.

In the daily competition, summer replacement good times bad timesFive candidates compete for a pot of money that can reach thousands of euros. Some of the questions revolve around the specialties of the participants, in the case of ace Dutch cuisine.

Whoever makes the best first round will play the final as a “spot” player alongside Nikolai. Next, the immediate player must assign at least one opponent, hoping that he or she has answered fewer questions correctly. If so, the immediate player takes their money. If the opponent performs better, he gets talent.

Ace was already a provisional player earlier this week and has raised over €2,000, but has decided not to go home yet. It’s not often that someone becomes a conman twice, but Ace pulled it off last night. Every good question on Friday equals twice the money.

budget attack

“This could be a very expensive broadcast for us,” Nikolai said in advance. ‘I should call Peter van der Forest later,’ he joked to the RTL chief. Nicholas was right. Halfway through the game, Ace already had over €4,000 on the table, which is a lot of money for this test. “You are an attack on the budget,” said Nikolai. “But it’s fun.”

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In the end, Ace didn’t know several answers and had to guess. Sometimes he thought logically, other times he followed the simple tactic of fellow candidate Marissa: No idea, then answer B. If he did all seven questions correctly, he wouldn’t have to point to anyone and would “financially undress” everyone, as Nicholas always says. “So all the money in the entire studio is yours.”

Ace and Robin Nikolai. © RTL

That’s how it happened. Both opponents of ACE left 0 euros, while he received 8,000 euros. You rarely see such an amount in an RTL test. ,,Fabulous. Nikolai cried. You did this very well. ”On what will the money be spent? I promised to take a good friend in the family to dinner, Ace said. Nikolai replied: “You can take more with you. “And I have my friends in America, and I’m going to visit them there too.”

I know everything about her In fifth place with 857,000 viewers in the KijkOnderzoek Foundation’s top 25 viewership numbers. In the first place, as always, is a file NOS . News From 8 pm (1.5 million viewers). last week was modern witch Demelza is the most striking player, when she took revenge after a painful defeat and then got it wrong again.

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