Starbucks employees quit after laying off an employee | Abroad

The procedure is spread by employees on social media and can be dependent on approval. “Starbucks pretends to be progressive, but they are the opposite. I am shocked at how much they are willing to go down,” Sam Amatwin, who was fired after 13 years of service at Starbucks, told The Guardian.

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After fellow Sam Amato was fired, all the employees left the cafe. The photos show how some colleagues walk past waiting customers and exit. Then the rest of the employees leave things alone. There is a lot of praise for the staff on the Internet. It seems that “companies need to realize that they cannot make money without people”.

Sam Amato was fired after thirteen years of “loyal service”. In his own words, because he was involved in the Starbucks employee union and criticized the coffee group in the media, including about the salary.


More than 55 strikes have already been carried out in 17 US states and the company won’t be happy about that. The costs are likely to run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. According to reports, dozens of employees who organized those businesses have been fired, leaving the remaining employees with more work to do. In the United States, too, it is sometimes difficult to find employees.

Starbucks declined to comment on Amato’s resignation to US media.

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