Startup Elon Musk features a monkey controlling Pong with a brain

musk Tell Previously about monkey, now also experience Captured on video. The video shows nine-year-old McCak Pager. Six weeks before the recording, the monkey received an implant with more than a thousand electrodes on either side of the brain.

The electrodes record the electrical signals of the brain while the monkey plays two games with a joystick. Signals are passed to iPhone four times per second. The monkey is rewarded for playing with banana juice, which is administered with a straw when the monkey plays the game.

The system works after a few minutes

After a few minutes, the linked computer can accurately deduce the brain activities that belong to the movements with the joystick. If the joystick is disconnected after this, the monkey will continue to successfully control the game using only its brain signals. Later, the monkey controls Pong without touching the joystick.

The aim of the study is to allow paralyzed people to easily control a computer or smartphone. They must then imagine his hands moving in certain ways, so that the Neuralink algorithm can model them, just as they would with a monkey.

Muscle control

Over time, the company believes it can successfully restore the brain signals of paralyzed people with their muscles. Then a paralysis technological overrun is created, as it were.

Neuralink is not the first company to work on such a system. In 2006, a truly paralyzed man managed to move his mouse pointer with his thoughts across the screen, then after four days of training. Meanwhile, Musk sees possibilities for writing Twitter messages with a brain implant.Faster than your thumb“.

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