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computer systems and networksCompSysIt forms the backbone of the digital infrastructure and is therefore essential for all vital economic sectors and social aspects in the Netherlands. Every bit of data stored and every computational task relies on a computer system to run on and increasingly on a network to access.

The future digitalization guide: ICT research and development now

Future-proof digitization requires ICT research and development (R&D), now. The Dutch government and social stakeholders have identified an urgent need to expand economic and social activities using ICTs and integrating them into their knowledge, processes, expertise and capabilities. This approach, characterized by far-reaching digitization, can make existing activities more valuable and enable new developments that can transform society, leading to unprecedented efficiency and thus universal access to ICTs for the first time in history. Without action, the Netherlands may lose its leading role in CompSys, ICT services may lose their flexible, reliable and secure position in the digital economy, ICT researchers in the Netherlands can be sent abroad and the current shortage of ICT professionals can grow and can grow Connection. We are not alone: ​​our main allies and competitors in Europe, including Germany and France, and in the world, including the United States

Figure 1. Basic (Horizontal) Research Topics in Computer Science and Network Research
In the Netherlands, Verticals is a multidisciplinary offering with a prominent social impact.

So, in the last year there was a large multi-institutional community of scientists and technology experts (more than 30 participating sites, 7 universities, 5 research institutes and organizations, etc.). The statement was signed by Pablo Cesar, President of the Distributed and Interactive Systems Group, on behalf of CWI.

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from The statement is now complete [1]; two pages Abstract is available here [2]. See who’s on CompSysNfrom [3].

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