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Because of a little misunderstanding stay with me From Volumea! He became a huge hit in the 90’s. That’s what Qmusic DJs Wim van Helden and Martijn Biemans found out this time in their podcast Top 40 stories.

success stay with me size! Thanks to two key people: Dinand Woesthoff and Henkjan Smits. The latter is a guest in the studio with Wim and Martijn for this episode. At the time he was the band’s A&R director, the one who scouts for new talent from the Factory label and guides the musicians in their artistic development, and wanted to release a second album as soon as possible, with a ‘great commercial-tempo song’, but that turned out to be harder than it was. expected.

Henkjan Smits was also a co-producer for Kane at the time, a band that had hits with songs like raining on me And Damn those eyes. During the recordings with Kane, Henkjan mentioned that he was having some problems with a song for Volumia!. Kane’s lead singer, Dinand Woesthoff, lends a hand, though Kane and Volumia! So far in kind. However, Henkjan gives Dinand the benefit of the doubt. “If necessary, we throw the number back in the trash,” he replies.

He took the cassette tape that Henkjan Smits received from Dinand a week later to the studio specifically for Wim and Martijn to hear. On the demo Dynand famously sings ‘Pa pa da da pa pa da’-tune, after which Henkjan instantly got excited and hit it off with Volumea! Make decision. When they recorded the song and Henkjan showed Dynand the final score, he was very surprised for a moment. What did you turn? Henkjan Smits completely misinterpreted the demo.

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due to misunderstanding happy with me He ended up being a huge success. Why? You can hear that in the latest episode of Top 40 storieswhich can be heard at Qmusic and het advertisement In all the popular podcast apps. Subscribe to the podcast at Spotify or apple.

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