May 26, 2024


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Steenwijkerland has a financial room for new plans

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Financially, Steenwijkerland is in good shape. This is evidenced by the 2023-2026 Program Budget adopted by the Municipal Executive of the Municipality of Steinweckerland. This means that there is room for new plans.

The municipality expects to have funds remaining each year until 2025. The year 2026 is financially uncertain because there is still no clarity on how much money the municipality will receive from the central government.

With this first budget as a new council, the mayor and council members give form and substance to the coalition agreement. On May 19 they presented this agreement, “Sustainable Continuity, Working Together for Vital Steenwijkerland”, to the Council.

Alderman Scheringa: „We are now presenting our plans for the coming years. After the coalition agreement, we entered into discussions with residents and organizations in the community and with all factions of the Council, sharpening our ambitions and setting our goals. These concerns, for example, about building enough homes in the coming years, sustainability, how we keep our countryside and our vibrant hearts, and of course, about help and care and how we are increasingly using the human dimension. With rising energy prices and associated inflation, we see households, social organizations, and businesses facing problems. In 2023, much attention will be paid to measures to reduce energy poverty.”

Lowest local fees

Alderman Scheringa: “Of course, money is needed so that we can carry out our plans. We receive this partly from the national government and partly through local taxes and levies. We aim to increase the local burden to a limited extent. Steenwijkerland is one of the municipalities with the lowest local costs in the Netherlands. We Currently in the 15th place among the municipalities with the lowest local costs (in 2021: number 34). In 2023, local costs for residents and business will increase by only 0.8%. This is good news at a time when everything is rapidly becoming more expensive.”

wide boom

The Municipal Executive has given itself the task of painting a clear future perspective for Stenwickerland, the cores and outback, on what broad prosperity is. “What do we find important in that? In the coming period, this perspective will have to be further detailed and concrete. This budget provides an initial impetus for this, formulated as clearly as possible: in objectives and actions.”

Local government close to the population

In giving substance to the alliance agreement, the Executive Board symbolizes a cycle in which all participate. Where there is room to take initiatives. Where people see their local government as ‘close’. Not only is this the aspiration for the coming years, but this is also the way to work when preparing this budget.

The city council will discuss the budget at its meetings on November 1-8, 2022.