Stefan makes a huge mistake at the last minute blowing up: “You could cry”

In the first commissioning of the new season Explodes Candidates must make a tree animal that contains neither more nor less than balloons. “What is the tree dweller again and what kind of animal is in the tree again?” Kim wonders. Nor is it immediately clear to the other candidates what they are going to do.

After an hour of hard work, all the artwork is finished and it is up to balloon artist Guido Verhoef to evaluate the works. Stefan completely convinced Guido of his talent with his own tree frogs and with that he won the first task: “I have that in my pocket. Now for the rest, but I just showed that I can really do something.”

This immediately gives him an advantage, as they have to use their homemade balloon business for the second task. They have to make a scene with the tree animal in the lead role. Since Stefan won the previous round, he had a good feeling about it. But at the last moment he made a huge mistake.

At the frantic pace, Stefan forgets to incorporate his three frogs—the balloon animals the story was supposed to be about—into creation. “And then you turn around and there are three frogs there,” he says. “Then you can cry.” Stefan is very disappointed in himself and can’t believe he forgot this important item: “You didn’t complete the first point of the quest.”

Fortunately for Stefan, no one was sent home in the first episode and so he can fully make up for his mistake in the second.

Explodes She can be seen every Saturday at 8 pm. on RTL 4.

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