Stefano Domenicali wants to reassure fans: ‘I’m not selling the spirit of Formula 1’

Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali wants to reassure first class fans and says the sport will never lose its identity. The ruling follows fears that iconic circles such as Spa-Francorchamps could disappear.

In recent years, sports have chosen many exotic places. Formula 1 is now visiting Saudi Arabia, Miami, Qatar and next season is also in Las Vegas. It comes at the expense of traditional loops, which of course pay less, but are much more important to fans and often also to drivers. The balance seems to be off when tracks like Monaco or Spa-Francorchamps disappear. Despite the fact that Formula 1 is also just a business world, Domenicali wants to join the German newspaper picture He points out that, as the ultimate responsible person, he will ensure that the sport loses its identity.

Heritage protection

Sport is in the hands of Libert Media. The American company has made a lot of changes since the acquisition in 2017, its presence on social media, for example, was a positive step. The new regulations, which took effect this year, are also a typical product for new owners. He basically wanted to deal with the polluted air created by the previous generation of cars that got in the way of good racing. All with the aim of promoting the race, as this is not only beneficial to the fans, but the value of the sport as well.

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Through the documentary series Drive to Survive, the royal class has also gained a foothold in the United States. In addition to Miami and Austin, Las Vegas is also one of the cities where you will run Formula 1 races next season, which is an indication of the popularity in the country. Fans fear that the trade will eventually lead to the sport losing its uniqueness, but the CEO wants to get rid of that idea. “I’m not selling the spirit of Formula 1. We are now experiencing a natural change, as we are opening ourselves more and more to the whole world,” said Domenicali.

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