Stepdaughter Kamala Harris (21) signs fashion show | entertainment

to me Evan BartAgency President, “Ella Embodies the Modern Age.” Imhoof She stood out during the inauguration of her stepmother and boss Joe Biden. Nowadays it’s not all about shape, size, or gender anymore. It’s all about what someone radiates, says Bart, who believes his new student “connects with fashion,” and Ella radiates some cheerfulness and boldness.

Ella’s daughter Harris‘ the husband Doug Imhoff And his first wife Christine Imhof, She studies at Parsons School of Design in New York, where she focuses on fine art with an emphasis on textiles. She used to do modeling for a smaller agency. “For someone, like many young girls, not always has been confident enough, it is just too scary to live in a world so focused on your body. I think it’s important to show that it’s okay to have a crazy tattoo or a strange haircut.”

Amanda Gorman, The 22-year-old poet who recited a great poem during the opening, was also picked up by a modeling agency, which includes models like Gigi Hadid at Karlie Kloss Under contract.

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