Stephen Burgess on the fuss after the transfers: ‘Two things went very far’ Dutch football

Stephen Burgess has responded to all the hype that has arisen after his hot move from Feyenoord to Ajax. The striker understands the feelings of the Rotterdam fans. Although it was sometimes thought that he had gone too far. “Ultimately, this is my business and you want to get the most out of your career.”

Since moving from Bergwijs to Ajax this month, there has been a torrent of criticism of the footballer. ,, I would have taken that into account, if I took such a step, the 29-year-old international Orange answers NOS. “Of course I’m not stupid. That’s fine, that’s the feeling. Of course there were two things that went too far in my opinion.”

There was a lot of distaste for the banner bearing the names of Politje (the Ajax promoters liquidated earlier this year), Peter R. de Vries and the murdered Bergües. There are checkmarks behind the name Politge and de Vries, and the box behind the name of Berges is still empty. There was also a giant anti-Semitic graffiti in Rotterdam Crossvik, which has since been removed. On a wall in Schuttersveld, the former Feyenoorder is ironically depicted as a Jew with the text: “Jews always run away.”


After all, you’re a professional and you’ve done everything for Feyenoord for five years

Stephen Burgess.

love club

Burgess: It’s just my job and my sport. I can understand the feelings in that on both sides. But I want to get the most out of my career and I felt I had to take that step.”

And about the criticism he received for lack of love for the club he says: “I am a boy from Apeldoorn. No one can grow up in a club and complete the path of youth academy. In the end you are a professional and you have given everything for Feyenoord for five years. You have also done it for AZ for two Three years “.

The situation with the now emerging threats was taken into account by Berghuis in his decision to go to Ajax. The best athlete out there. What do you want in your career and then go for it. The people close to me are also behind it. Eventually I’ll go for it.”

concrete options

According to the striker, there were not many other clubs in the race other than Ajax. It wasn’t that bad in terms of tangible options. Then I put everything together. Then the perspective in Ajax and the ambitions inherent here, is something I want to share. I have these ambitions myself. Then I made that choice deliberately.”

Police and OM investigate the mural
Police and the Public Prosecution Office (OM) have launched a criminal investigation into the mural that appeared last weekend in the Rotterdam district of Kroswijk. Berghuis has been portrayed as a victim of the Holocaust. The Israeli Information and Documentation Center (CIDI) filed a complaint against the mural’s designer(s) on Monday.
The police said that the investigation by the police and the public prosecutor is focused on the question of whether a discriminatory statement is punishable. If so, an investigation will be opened to determine the identity of the person or persons responsible for the mural.

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