Still no place for the Persiap

In the message Similarities rambokan (5/27) About the movie the East The writer indicates that he is not aware of any pictures bearing the slogan “Coming back to the Dutch homelandCondition. Actually, this slogan is very similar to “Yankee returns homeFrom the anti-Vietnam demonstrations in the 1960s. My impression is that this film is too “post-Vietnam”.

I was not there when the British entered Batavia / Jakarta on September 19, 1945. Dan does not alter the fact that there is an iconic image of an English tank walking next to a tram that says’We just need independence now!Another well-known picture appears.It is better for Hell to be colonized againAnd I’m not even talking about ubiquity independent (Freedom). In September and December 1945, there was a power vacuum in Batavia. At the time of Persiap, indigenous Indonesians loyal to the Netherlands and India (between 3,000 and 20,000, according to H.Th. Bussemakers in his book) were kidnapped and murdered. Persiap! Revolution in Heaven). Unfortunately, the movie didn’t even get into that, the movie was shot from an Ambonese / Moluccan perspective.

Another black page that is also unknown in the Netherlands. Among the indigenous population of Batavia / Jakarta, hundreds of victims have fallen as a result of arbitrary reprisals by ex-soldiers of the newly liberated National Liberation Army (Melukan) and pursuit of the trigger.

Is this movie a failure then? Artistic freedom is a huge asset and I allow every filmmaker to have their own story. However, it saddens me that there is still no place for a narrative of the Indo-European (mixed-blooded) and indigenous Indonesian victims of Persiap.

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