‘Stop these 10 things that make it easier for cyber criminals’


In fact, they use five penetration techniques:

1. Abuse of publicly available applications

2. Misuse of external remote services

3. Fishing

4. Abuse of trusting relationships

5. Abuse of valid accounts


The document mentions the following mistakes that give offenders the opportunity to use the above methods:

1. Multi-factor recognition is not implemented

2. Access rights are not set correctly

3. The software is out of date

4. Use the default login details

5. Remote services (for example VPN) are not tested for unauthorized use

6. There is no policy for enforcing strong passwords

7. Cloud services are not configured properly

8. Open gates provide free access to criminals

9. No scan for phishing attempts

10. Safety equipment not detected in passing.


Document Provides additional advice on how to handle these ten tips. Setting up and implementing multifactor authentication is one of the most important suggestions, especially when companies use the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Security vulnerabilities in RDP are a common way of transmitting ransomware.

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