Strava announces annual results. Many records, folk methods, always activities

As every year, Strava also made a nice list with impressive numbers in 2021. Once again all records were broken.

This year, for example, at least 95 million athletes used Strava, while two million new users were added every month. 1.8 billion activities have been loaded and a total of 32 billion kilometers have been traveled. Activities received an average of about five glory, because a total of 9.6 billion fame was awarded in 2021. In addition, 189 thousand clubs were founded. also has a Strava club and you can go to it via this link join for free.

Overall, the number of uploads this year increased by 38% compared to last year, and walking and hiking were the fastest growing sports. The activity of these two sports doubled. Compared to last year, 1.8 times as many personal records were broken and group activities also continued to spread; Compared to last year, this has also doubled.

Athletes also seem to like the possibility of creating roads, because 120 million routes have been created for cyclists, runners and pedestrians via Maps.

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