Strike at Tilburg against mobile phone ban

More than a hundred employees at GXO, a distribution company in Tilburg, went on strike this afternoon. They are angry because they are not allowed to take the cell phone inside.

“It’s not safe to walk into a large distribution center without a telephone. There have already been deaths at GXO in the United States because no one can call 112,” said Edwin Adoma, of the FNV union. Broadband broadcast

American GXO Logistics is the largest distributor in the world, with branches in many locations. In Tilburg, where mainly Eastern Europeans work, a mobile phone ban has recently come into effect. According to staff, the move was introduced after the fire. Then they took videos on their phone in which you can see the power cables in the water you turn off.

‘I can not work quietly’

Carolina Richelievich has a permanent contract with GXO. She likes work but does not understand cell phone ban. “I have two sons, ages 10 and 14. One has autism and the other has epilepsy. My phone needs to be in touch with my husband,” she says. “Now my mind is always with them. I can not work quietly.”

Yesterday Rysziliewicz sat down with the union and GXO management. Today, shortly before the strike, GXO seemed to want to make an exception for employees coming from Ukraine and those with family illnesses; They are allowed to carry their phone. But the union does not want exceptions.

Secure lockers are more secure

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The FNV union has now proposed that management be allowed to bring a mobile phone for ten days. In the meantime, a definitive solution must be found. GXO denies it. The company is ready to provide better security for telephones. Now devices are sometimes stolen.

The FNV is dissatisfied and says there is a lot of desire to strike among employees. The union will put pressure on GXO through H&M; The clothing company is the main customer of the group. GXO did not comment.

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