Students Interested in Anti-Cheat Software: “Adds Extra Pressure”

With so-called monitoring software, students can view exams via a webcam, microphone, or web browser.

From LSVb Toured In 21 educational institutions. The Students’ Union states that many accidents have occurred as a result of using the program. For example, hundreds of students’ tests were wrongly labeled as suspicious because the anti-cheat program took them out. This happened at universities in Wageningen, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Moreover, degrees at Erasmus University in Rotterdam were declared invalid last September when online monitoring showed hiccups during exams. At the Hans University of Applied Sciences in Groningen, journalists were easily able to hack an online exam, which allowed them to see dozens of students.

“Suffering from excessive stress”

“It is time for the use of observation to become the exception, not the rule. There are countless other forms of testing possible. Students are now doubly victims of this crisis because, in addition to this exceptional situation, they also suffer from excessive stress to take their exams.” Says LSVb president Lyle Muns.

“More and more students are indicating that they are also more nervous and nervous about their monitoring process. Is the internet running for them and there are no external incentives that would make them suspect fraud? This persistent suspicion is particularly important.” Mons said. LSVb finds it “difficult. The justification: “A test may be declared invalid at a later time due to something like an intermittent internet connection.

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