Study: Significant role for nuclear power plants

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Large and small nuclear power plants play a ‘significant role’ in the Dutch energy system and help reduce our dependence on imports of rare (fossil) raw materials. According to De Telegraaf, this is the result of a major study carried out at the request of D66 Minister Rob Jetten (Climate and Energy), led by independent experts from the consultancy Witteven+Bos.

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Alliance Agreement

The coalition agreement of VVD, D66, CDA and CU includes plans to build two large new nuclear power plants. The lifetime of the existing nuclear power plant (at Borseley) will be extended, now generating safe CO2-free electricity for decades. Minister Jetten asked various independent engineering and consulting firms to conduct a visual study of the role of more nuclear power in the Netherlands. Researchers have recently gained knowledge in other countries (such as the United Kingdom, Poland and Finland) where nuclear power plant projects have already begun.

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If nuclear is chosen and construction time and budget are not exceeded, the detailed report shows that this form of CO2-free energy ‘will have a significant role’ in the Netherlands. The report also shows that ‘when nuclear power is absent from the Dutch production mix, dependence on energy imports increases’.

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