May 25, 2024


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Study: “The metaverse will reshape our social lives”

Study: “The metaverse will reshape our social lives”

What the metaverse’s future holds is, of course, anyone’s guess. Meta (formerly Facebook) CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, In any case, she firmly believes in the possibilities and the future from this virtual world. Despite the huge losses and criticism for betting too much on the metaverse, he remains confident in the metaverse for the long haul.

Not everyone is as confident as Zuckerberg in this new digital world, but from a new world CoinWire Research It shows that the majority of cryptocurrency investors are positive towards the metaverse. The survey was conducted in December and includes a total of 10,000 investors from around the world Digital currencies questioned.

Metaverse and social life

69% of respondents agree that the metaverse will reshape social life with a new approach to entertainment. In addition, 65% believe in Metaverse’s new approach to social activities. Sentiments about the impact on finance, business, and education were also high, at 61.2%, 49.6%, and 45%, respectively.

As the metaverse continues to evolve, it will have the potential to affect social life in a more real way. For example, new metaverse features, including touch and smell, were recently revealed at CES 2023.

According to research, the United States ranks first in the innovation metaverse. However, China and India hold the top spots in terms of positive sentiments about daily use of metaverses.

Previously Can you in it Crypto news Read that consulting firm McKinsey & Company expects the metaverse to be worth $4 to $5 trillion by 2030.

Uncertainty Web3

In addition to the metaverse, attention has also been paid to the new generation of the Internet. Nine out of ten participants indicated that they had heard of the term “web 3However, 52% of cryptocurrency investors still hold some kind of uncertainty about what it actually entails.