Sudosa-Desto also falls short in Zwolle

The seventh attempt of volleyball players Visser Essen / Sodusa Desto to win a pool tournament match was unsuccessful. In Zwolle, the team suffered a 3-1 defeat.

Assen lost the first set 25-20, after they led 16-15. The team of Mark Afman and Erwin Sikkema once again positioned itself alongside Zwollenars, convincingly taking the second set 25-17.

Anyone who just thought Sudosa-Desto would take that good feeling in the third set was disappointed. “The strange thing is we managed to stay upright, but we didn’t score anymore,” Sekema said of the third set, which lost 25-8.

‘nothing works’

“I tried everything, but nothing worked. We came out of that set and were fully involved again in the fourth set until the points where the difference was made. Say fifteen to twenty points.

We are taking steps and we want to allow as many people as possible to play at this point. ’ That will be another thing against VC Sneek next week, because the Assen team will travel to Friesland with an incomplete selection.

Sekema: ,, Two players will be in the final of the NOJK Junior Championship next week. This is something alive in Assen. All other competitions are closed for this purpose, with the exception of the Premier League. Snake didn’t want to take part in another date, which I find strange.”

Sneek is also a coaching association, like almost the entire Premier League. I think, for example, of Sliedrecht Sport, VC Zwolle, Apollo 8, Peelpush, and us. I think the federation should change the rule. ”

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