Súdwest-Fryslân offers a balanced budget with room for investment

In financially troubled times, it was the new college southwest of Friesland Its first program budget for this period with a total budget of €315.4 million. With this, Sdwest-Fryslân is taking the first step towards forming the “Grutsk & Tichtby” alliance agreement. Major social issues such as housing, nitrogen, migration, energy transition and energy poverty predominate. The city council will vote on this budget in November. The college has room to further develop some investments. An update to the budget will be submitted to the Board again in February 2023.

Súdwest-Fryslân . Municipality

Alderman Finance Henk de Boer is a “grutsk” in the available budget: “In mearjierrige closing the filler, with structural and ynsidinteel and romte for fierdere ynfulling,” this is how De Boer sums it up. “That we have to put tanks on one side of this finansjeel sûne wear ensemble. On the other side is Rixby Drag Historic Hitch. This is just the fans for a reason, wy steane mei-inoar foar grut útdagingen, ûnder oaren op it mêd fan ferduorsumjen and keapkrêft.”

“We will not leave the population in the cold”

With this budget, Súdwest-Fryslân shows that it is investing heavily in key social challenges such as the issue of energy and the provision of livelihood security for residents and social institutions. A $1 million purchasing power fund should provide a solution. The government’s contribution remains uncertain, but the municipality has allocated an additional 1.45 million euros to be able to absorb the financial consequences of higher energy prices.

In addition, more sustainability is high on the agenda, at scale in Heeg, Bolsward, Sneek, Workum and at the living room level. Súdwest-Fryslân will continue to focus on this with €2 million for capacity, and expects the central government to offset completion costs. 2 million euros have also been allocated in the budget for the maintenance of capital goods.

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Balanced Budget Súdwest-Fryslân

Looking at the next four years, there is a balanced multi-year budget in which an interim budget for 2024 and 2025 has been allocated in the amount of 8.1 and 12.7 million euros, respectively. The last year, 2026, is known as a valley year with a deficit of 4.1 million euros. That year, municipalities receive much less money from the government. The central government is now offering a temporary solution to this via its September post. The financial implications and implementation of the September complex publication have not yet been included in this budget.

Close to Mainscape

krêft Súdwest skûlet yn ‘e krêft fan de mienskip. Elkenien moat meikinne and we litte gjin minsken behind”, confirms an alderman. It was also named in the “Grutsk & Tichtby” coalition agreement. A good start has already been made and this budget provides a good basis for investment in the coming years in the ambitions of “flexible centers and a vibrant landscape.” “Positive Health” and “Strengthening the Organization and Services”.

Room for choices and updates

Not all ambitions have yet been concretely defined in terms of resources and capabilities. This relates to €5 million on a structural basis and €6 million incidental. Dy dynamyk freget in beskate mjitte fan winskberheid. We’ll do that, you know, it’s important to ride in a well-trodden wagon. Not the case with guon mêden ek noch nwis binne,” Henk de Boer explains. The update will be discussed at the first council meeting of 2023.

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