“Super Mario Bros. The movie is breaking records both in Belgium and around the world

He’s been playing since last week Super Mario Bros game. film in the Belgian halls. And it works pretty well right away, because more than 200,000 visitors have already enjoyed the movie. The movie adaptation of the popular video game is also breaking box office records around the world.

New movie adaptation of the popular game Super Mario Bros. Is there. After the failed attempt in 1993, this time Nintendo, Illumination Entertainment – responsible for MinionsMovies — and Universal Pictures team up to produce a new movie.

The film was met with mediocre reviews from critics, but was a hit with fans. In its first weekend, the film had the best opening weekend of the year in the United States. Apparently in Belgium as well Super Mario success.

Super Mario Bros game. film

Super Mario Bros game. film It will be very similar to the game of the same name. In the trailer, we saw how Mario debuted all sorts of signature decorations, among other things New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe moves. There we see our well-known plumbers with Donkey Kong becoming powerful by eating mushrooms and fire flowers.

In the movie, we also see a wild chase scene on the famous Rainbow Road race track several times Mario Kartgames. So it’s really a love letter to fans, and it shows in the comments. on Rotten tomatoes The film only has a score of 56 percent from critics, but has a high score of 96 percent from the audience.

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This audience score also translates to cinemas around the world. In Belgium, the film attracted more than 200,000 visitors in its first week. Sony Pictures reported this in a press release. however Super Mario Bros game. film Also good for best opening weekend of the year in Belgium, best opening ever for a Universal animated film and third best opening for an animated film ever.

The film also had results in the rest of the world. In the United States, the project collected 377 million dollars (about 343 million euros) in the first three days. This will only increase in the coming days and weeks. Meanwhile, there will also be interest in a sequel.

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