Supervisory Board Cultuurgebouw: “No culture of fear, but space for dissent”

According to the Supervisory Board of Hoofddorp Cultuurgebouw, management has adequately involved employees in the plans for the reorganization and name change.

Nils van Stegen/NH News

This is what Supervisory Board Chairman Max Merckx told NH Nieuws. However, the board sees areas for improvement. “People are empowered in theater culture, and management needs to be aware of that.”

Troubles over reorganization

Things have been roaring in Cultuurgebouw for quite some time now. Now the organizations in the building, including Schouwburg De Meerse, still bear their own names. Soon they will all be called C-point, which some say will lose the identity of organizations.

Some employees also fear for their future at Cultuurgebouw, Ton Bowman previously told NH Nieuws. Technician Baumann works at De Meerse, and started petition Who was hoping to stop the reorganization and change the name.

He previously told NH Nieuws: “Because of the reorganization, everyone has to earn their contract again. So a lot of people fear the consequences if they speak up.”

“The management’s impulsive reactions are understandable from a human point of view, but they are unreasonable”

Max Merckx, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Culture Building

According to Merckx, the term “culture of fear” does not do justice to the situation in the workplace. However, he is critical of the management team, which he believes should have been more explicit. “There was some impatience and impulsive reactions,” he says of management. “From an understandable human point of view, but not wise.”

The Chairman of the Board of Directors said that the Labor Council received 23 reports. “These are confidential, so I didn’t see them, but they were mainly about direct communication between the management team and staff.”

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The administration believed that Bowman had caused harm to the organization and asked him to close the petition. It has now happened, but in the meantime, the D66 has also received winds of cues of fear and intimidation in the cultural building.

after party Rang the bellThe Board of Trustees decided to investigate the allegations by to start a conversation With many stakeholders. This included the business and management board, the confidential advisor, and Bowman himself.

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