Support schemes for sustainable and future-proof industrial parks

Unfortunately, these places are often petrified and therefore sensitive to flooding and heat stress and therefore not climate-resistant. If nothing changes, the average wind chill on a summer day in a business park is expected to rise to 40.8°C in thirty years. So it is not a pleasure to stay. We can do something about it through greening. This also makes the sites more attractive to employees because the green environment ensures better health and helps avoid stress.

The potential for energy saving and sustainable energy generation in industrial cities is great; More than all families combined. For example, by generating sustainable energy, so we can get rid of natural gas more quickly. Individual companies are already taking measures to save energy, but there is an opportunity precisely in industrial areas to join forces and work with other companies. For example, for smart sharing of energy over a power grid.

Support schemes from the governorate

The Province of South Holland encourages and facilitates sustainable and future-proof business parks through support schemes, among other things. For example, to make good plans there Planning support. For joint investment in measures, there Sustainability Support. There is also financial support For owners of roofs, water basins and parking lots to provide them with solar panels.

In addition, the province supports the establishment of (new) partnerships in business parks through diffusion ambassadors.

Practical example

One industrial area that has benefited from a sustainability support is Schiebroek in Rotterdam. This business park includes about 160 companies. Edwin Marcus, Schiebroek Park Manager: “We have applied for support as the Business Investment Zone (BIZ) on behalf of the entrepreneurs. We started the project with an energy survey that surveys the buildings of entrepreneurs interested in this. This energy survey provides insight into how much energy Which you can save. This year, companies invest about 800,000 euros. Nearly 160,000 euros of this has been provided as subsidies from the province. This support includes the purchase of solar panels and insulation measures. Lines with employees in the county authorities are short, which made it easy I have to switch between questions.” Wouter Bosch works at Hoftijzer, a company in Schiebroek, and applying for a permit is simple: “It’s a straightforward and smooth process and it goes without any problems.”

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