Suppose there is an “accidental” complaint about a 425,000 EUR | artwork Instagram

The artwork, 2.40 m high and 7 m tall, without a name was created in Seoul in 2016 by American graffiti artist John Perello (57). It happened in front of the audience. The business is now valued at $ 500,000 (over 425,000 euros). It’s on display in a studio in the Lott World Shopping Center. In front of it are the paint pots and brushes that JonOne used that were part of the exhibit.

Read under the picture.

After discovering new stains of paint on the artwork, police viewed surveillance footage last Sunday. It clearly showed how a man and a woman (both in their twenties) picked up paint from the ground, cracked it and smeared it onto the plate. The couple were arrested right after that in the mall and released after questioning. “ They thought it was an art that the public was allowed to participate in and so it was allowed, ” exhibition president Kang Wook told Reuters yesterday, adding that he will not press charges because it looks like an outright mistake. We had to restore it or leave it as it is. “

After the accident, Kang Wook decided to place a low fence in front of the artwork and posters on the floor with the text: “Don’t touch.”

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