Surfboard recovers after a four-year 2,700-kilometer journey Abroad

“We were skiing with five friends when I fell off my skateboard in the last wave of the day.” After a long search using “a boat and a few jet skis,” Griffiths realizes that he will never find his painting again. “I was surprised by the loss of my favorite shelf,” Danny Griffiths told ABC News.

solve the puzzle

Four years later, it becomes clear where the plank was drifting: Two men see something floating while fishing near Magnetic Island, about 1,700 kilometers from where Danny lost the plank in 2017.

The text continues below the tweet.

Hunters try to find out who owns the skateboard several times on social media. Always without success. When the fishermen’s parents tell some locals about their surfboard during their vacation in Tasmania, it becomes clear that the skateboard may be Griffiths: “We managed to put the missing pieces of the puzzle and found it was my skateboard!”

According to the oceanographer, it is impossible to say exactly which path the surfboard took, but it is possible that the board “roamed northeast Tasmania, then drifted toward the Australian coast.”

The Hunters will now do everything in their power to return the board to Danny.

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