Suriname vaccine accelerates wardrobe speed | Abroad

About three weeks before the vaccination campaign began, there were more than 5,400 people who were first vaccinated at the counter on Sunday. The injection rate was very slow in the first weeks. No rush as only a thousand doses were available. This small amount is mainly managed by primary care workers and other officials in key positions. The cabinet and the wife of President Chan Chandoki also received the first injection. Santoki and vice-president Ronnie Brunswick have yet to be injected because they recently had Govit-19.

The block containing the 50,000 dose is an unannounced gift from the Government of India. Suriname is happy with the donation, but Sukul says he had to increase the injection speed unexpectedly soon. About 25,000 vaccines will be sent in late March and early April. These are vaccines purchased by Suriname through the international Kovacs initiative.

To prevent more vaccines than can be processed at any time, authorities are now doing everything they can to encourage people to register a shot. At the moment, nearly 15,000 people have registered. They will be called in the future. Preference is given to those over 60 years of age and those with underlying disease.

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