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In recent weeks, the US state of Illinois has been seriously searching for someone who won a record $1.3 billion (!) through the lottery. According to the famous organization in America Mega Millions The lucky guy still didn’t report.

The winning ticket was purchased at a gas station in Des Plaines, Illinois, which has been inundated with tourists and snoopers in recent weeks. The retailer is entitled to a cash reward of half a million dollars, according to US media, regardless of whether the winner comes to redeem the ticket or not. “Nothing makes us happier than bringing a little joy into the lives of our customers, or in this case a lot of joy,” the gas station manager said in a statement.

Mega Millions employees take into account that the jackpot winner does not yet know that he or she has won. It is also not excluded that the lucky person will still have to recover from all emotions. “For a prize of this magnitude, it is not uncommon for a winner to take some time to claim it,” said Harold Mays, director of the Illinois Lottery. “I’m sure he’s going through a range of feelings.”

Record a profit in Illinois

The prize, drawn on July 29, is Illinois’ biggest lottery win and the third-largest lottery win in U.S. history. In October 2018, a record lot worth over $1.5 billion was sold in South Carolina. The winner has one year to apply and claim the money. Winners over $250,000 can choose to remain anonymous. In the history of Mega Millions, three jackpots have not been claimed. It relates to amounts between 31 and 68 million dollars.

The Mega Millions prize continues to increase until a winning ticket is obtained that matches all six numbers drawn, including the additional golden balls. According to, the odds of winning the Mega Millions jackpot are 1 in 302.5 million.

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