“Suspected widow Top Cohen drips in court” | The interior

By doing so, the Supreme Court had completed the application, which had sparked a sensation by its lawyer, Philip Morgor. According to her lawyer, the court has no jurisdiction to hear the case. Immediately announce that he will resume. It is believed that the lawsuit was filed in “bad faith.”

To object

Judge James Macau indicated that he should have. To appeal to other courts, such as the criminal court and the court that deals with family law.

“If she disagreed with the decisions of these two courts, she should have appealed there, not the Supreme Court,” Macao was quoted by Kenyan media as saying. And he indicated that he could not refute their statements.

The body is in the storage tank

The chance not to hold a trial seemed to be small for a long time, because a great deal of evidence was found and the statements against it were found guilty by the other accused.

The smashed body of the former Philips CEO was found in his villa garden in a storage tank in mid-September 2019. At the time, he had been missing for months.


From the very first moment, the state had vehemently opposed the widow’s demand that the charges against her be dropped. Justice takes the position that women abuse judicial procedures.

She claims and. That she was charged so that the attorney general could take her inheritance. The African says he deserves his estate, while Top Cohen does not leave a single cent in his will. According to Lu. , This document was forged, which is something that the relatives of our murdered citizen vehemently deny, and it has never been proven.

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“We are very pleased with this decision and we regain the feeling that justice will prevail in the end,” said Top Cohen’s sister Gabri Van Straten. It is interesting to note that it has not yet been informed of Kenya’s decision. “We are hearing this news from you now because no one has told us that.”

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