Sutman-Reignen receives the prestigious American Award

Margaret Schutman-Reijnen, director of the risk adviser Aion, said Ambassador J. in Washington. Received the William Midentorf II Award. The first Dutch woman to receive this prestigious award was Sodman-Reijnen. The award has previously gone to Prime Ministers Rudd Lappers (1995) and John Peter Falconde (2012) and former Unilever CEO Paul Bolman (2015).

Schotman-Reignen is recognized for his many years of commitment to improving cultural and trade relations between the United States and the Netherlands. From his role in Ain, as well as from the American Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands and several board positions, Sottemann-Reijnen has promoted relations between the Netherlands and the United States in recent decades.

Gratitude and pride

“I am grateful and proud to be the first Dutch woman to receive the ‘Ambassador J. William Midentorf II Award,'” says Sட்டttemann-Reijnen. “I will continue to work to strengthen the relationship between the Netherlands and the United States, with a particular focus on the status of women in business, and a drive to greater diversity and inclusion.”

The award is presented by the Netherlands-US Foundation (NAF), which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and is the annual recognition for a person who has shown extraordinary business, cultural, or political behavior in US-Dutch relations.

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