Swimmer Kaminga won the silver behind Betty at the European Championships

Swimmer Arno Kamenga won his first medal in a large long track tournament. The 25-year-old Katwiker took the silver in the 100-meter swimming released in 58.10 seconds at the European Championships in Budapest, behind Britain’s Adam Beatty, who dominated swimming breaststroke for years (57.66). Kamminga grabbed a couple of years ago in a short tournament for the European Championships in Glasgow, where Betty was missing, and a gold medal in 100 and 200 schools.

The Dutch record holder (57.90) swam in lane 3 near my house. Kamminga turned fourth after 50 meters, but started in the second part. However, overriding Peaty wasn’t an option. With the silver medal, Kaminga nevertheless proved that he is on top of the world and could also win a medal at the Olympic Games in Tokyo next summer.

“It was an amazing race,” said Kaminga. “I swam in a very nice first lane. I saw my house in the corner of my eye and went to it. I made it difficult for him. He was a bit far away now, but we still had some time ahead. He was definitely hitting the goal, the last few meters were very hard, very painful, But I am putting in my second fastest time here, when I had to, and the rest hadn’t arrived, and I think I was the only one who was really racing at home. My first long-track tournament medal and equal silver, so pretty. “

Caminga also reached the final in the 100th School of the previous European Long Track Championships (Glasgow 2018), but finished seventh at 59.69. Since then, coach Mark Faber’s student has made great progress and can call himself the fastest man in the world in the 100 meters after Betty. Kamminga definitely went ahead for a medal at the Tokyo Olympics, at the 100, but particularly in the 200-meter chest.


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