Switzerland expels Russian businessman to US, Kremlin angry

Switzerland expels Russian businessman linked to Kremlin Vladislav Klushin, Russia, was arrested in March this year at the request of Americans. He is accused of hacking the data of American companies along with others. He would have made millions of dollars through the trade.

Klushin tried to challenge his commitment. According to him, the allegations are fabricated and he will not receive a fair trial in the United States. A Swiss court last week ruled that there was no reason to doubt the freedom of justice in the United States and showed the final green light to deportation.

The businessman was taken to Zurich airport by U.S. police last night, from where his plane took off for the United States.

‘Washington’s hunt’

Klyushin owns the M31, which monetizes media surveillance and digital security services. M31’s site claims that the company works for the office of the President of Russia and the Russian government.

Russia reacted angrily and spoke of “urgent surrender”. A Kremlin spokesman said “there is another chapter in Washington’s hunt for Russian citizens in third countries.” Tensions between Russia and the United States have escalated in recent years, mainly due to the situation in Ukraine.

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