SYTYCD dancer Vivian is paralyzed from the chest by cancer: ‘Not sure if I can walk again’

After Vivian was told she had lymphoma, she also received news that it had spread to her kidneys, chest, neck and spinal cord. The latter damaged her nerves. She was paralyzed from her chest down.

In 2021, she underwent several treatments and worked on her paralysis at a rehab center. She was told she would never walk again, let alone dance.

Not in the Netherlands, but in the United States, there are rehabilitation centers that specialize in Vivian’s case. Many people have already been successfully treated there. Something Vivian also hopes.

That’s why there crowdfunding It was launched, where people can donate to help Vivian, she says on her Instagram account. “It is uncertain if I will ever recover, but with your help I can give everything to walk in life again, or maybe even dance,” Vivian said in the video.

I got a lot of cute reactions on this from various celebrities. Bettina Hollwerda and Demi de Boer send many hearts. “I’ve got this life,” says Joffat and Stendorp, and so the list goes on.

So far, 102,000 euros have been raised. The ultimate goal is 150,000 euros.

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