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Raymond Tams – Not long ago you were reading about the pressures of choice. Life presented so many possibilities that people were afraid to choose the wrong path. Today we’re all on a narrow, dead-end street, and it’s this lack of perspective that gets us on our nerves.

Time can’t help it, it’s the fault of space. One day the walls decided to come to us. No one can predict at this point whether we have played a role in this process ourselves. By the way, historians will judge us without feeling our fears. They have ease.

In the run-up to the 2022 municipal elections, Utrecht politicians will talk about the distribution and planning of available space in the city. They do this by filling the space with words, losing more space at first. That’s why I support a city that works without words.

Punctuation in public places is prohibited. Street names, “enter at your own risk” signs and posters with political slogans no longer catch our eye. We hope this creates enough space in the minds of Utrecht residents to think about how to move forward.

Tragically, it took countless words to give shape to this utopia. I will be asked to explain and prove my plan down to the smallest detail. The city council will then look into the matter. After the press has absorbed this, endless discussions are being provoked on social media.

So I’ll let it go, I said nothing, though I had already spoken nearly three hundred words. “As long as there is talk, there will be no shootings,” said an expert on the radio about the tense situation surrounding Ukraine. So let that be the perspective, we have no choice.

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