Taiwan: Our security is critical to chip delivery

Photo: ANP

Taiwan’s security is critical to the global computer chip supply chain. This is what the Taiwanese Minister of Economic Affairs said. Taiwan is a very important producer of chips, but China considers the island off the Chinese coast a rebellious province. In recent days, Chinese warplanes frequently violated Taiwanese airspace. The United States has already called on China to stop this “provocative” behavior.

Taiwanese chip group TSMC is one of the world’s largest chip manufacturers. If a conflict breaks out between China and Taiwan, the supply of chips could be disrupted. “Taiwan has created a strong chip production ecosystem,” said Minister Wang Mei-hwa. “The global community needs to take Taiwan’s security more seriously so that we can continue our services and remain a good partner for everyone.”

TSMC is, among other things, an important customer of the Dutch chip machine manufacturer ASML. Wang does not believe that companies in the world rely too heavily on Taiwanese chips. She says her country is simply a high-efficiency producer that brings many customers to Taiwan. “The chip sector is an important pillar of our economy and security,” Wang said.

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